Questions and answers on acupuncture

How often are acupuncture treatments administered?

Usually twice per week, up to once a day in acute cases

How long does the treatment take?

Generally 30 minutes (in silence), depending on the type of condition

How long is a course of acupuncture treatment?

On average from 10 to 15 sessions, depending on the body’s ability to react, the duration of the illness and the patient’s age

Where are the needles inserted?

Acupuncture is a holistic medicine, therefore the needles are inserted not only at the location of the disorder itself but throughout the body

How many needles are inserted?

In most cases, a maximum of 15 needles per treatment

Are there any side effects?

No – potential reactions are a sign of a transition in the body (temporary deterioration, activation of inflammation sites)

Is there a possibility of injury?

When carried out properly – no

Does acupuncture hurt?