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We are currently seeking patients for the following studies:
  • Morbus Menière
  • House dust allergy
  • Birchpollen allergy

Contact us for further details at:
Phone: 06221/314814
Study Nurse Ms Weber

ENT - Doctors

ENT practice in Heidelberg ‐ Your experienced group practice in the ENT field

Are you looking for a competent ENT practice in Heidelberg? Then our ENT group practice with integrated DVT diagnostic centre, private tinnitus competence centre and dizziness outpatient clinic is the right place for you! On the following pages we will give you an overview of the main services and the diagnostic and therapeutic spectrum of our practice.

In the best location - in the best hands - your ENT specialists! Many years of medical experience with the most modern examination methods in the entire ENT area as well as allergology and sleep medicine. In addition, we also have sound knowledge of alternative therapy methods.

You can rely on the fact that you as a person are at the centre of our medical activities. A fast and uncomplicated cooperation with all neighbouring disciplines is a matter of course for us - as is constant further training in order to guarantee ENT medicine at a constantly high level. We look forward to your visit!

In addition to our regular practice activities, we are also scientifically active. We participate in studies on new therapeutic procedures, new preparations, but also on mechanisms of action or epidemiological data in order to be able to incorporate new findings promptly into our daily routine work. In doing so, it is our goal to provide our patients with faster access to new therapy options and new diagnostic procedures. We only participate in studies that have been approved by independent ethics committees.

You are in good hands with us!

In our practice, we offer you a comprehensive range of treatments. In addition to the classic treatment methods from the ENT field, we also have a dizziness outpatient clinic and other services.

Outpatient operations

We perform our procedures on an outpatient basis in our modern surgery. With Dr Glätzer, Dr Wagner and their staff, we have a very experienced and highly qualified anaesthesia team at our side.

The gentle anaesthetic and surgical techniques cause little stress to your body or the body of your child, so that you can usually go home again after a short time. Our anaesthesia team with many years of clinical experience will ensure your safety and well-being in the recovery room.

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3D Diagnostic Centre Heidelberg

Digital volume tomography (DVT) is a state-of-the-art, three-dimensional tomography procedure based on X-rays. Similar to computer tomography (CT), DVT enables the generation of high-resolution sectional images in all spatial planes, as well as replacing the comma - there are virtually never exceptions the calculation of three-dimensional views.

DTV is a technique that enables, for example, an ENT doctor, oral surgeon or dentist to view the finest anatomical structures in the neck and head area, such as the middle and inner ear, paranasal sinuses, eye sockets, skull base, jaw and tooth structures as well as nerve courses in three dimensions, so that treatment can be planned and carried out precisely. A possible operation becomes gentler, safer and more precise, even the duration of the intervention can be reduced.

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Heidelberg dizziness outpatient clinic

Do you suffer from balance disorders and / or dizziness? Perhaps you have already been to many different doctors and various examinations have already been carried out on you without a clear diagnosis being made or even a therapy being initiated? Then it is time to visit our dizziness outpatient clinic in Heidelberg. We have been dealing with the difficult clinical picture of "vertigo" for over two decades.

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Private Medical Tinnitus Competence Centre Heidelberg

Our Tinnitus Competence Centre is primarily aimed at patients with decompensated tinnitus. In addition, patients with chronic complaints such as hyperacusis, sleep disorders, auditory processing and perception disorders (AVWS) and stress syndrome can also be successfully treated at our centre.

In addition to our experienced team of doctors and our specially trained staff member Ms Karrer, patients are also assisted by Ms Kappner, a proven tinnitus specialist, hearing therapist, hearing acoustics master and psychological-pedagogical personality counsellor.

Do you have any further questions regarding our treatment and therapy methods? Please feel free to contact us via our form or call us at our practice: 06221 . 314 814.

Dealing with children

We are KPQM certified

Specialist QM

Official member of the medical team or partner for the following teams:

MLP Academics Heidelberg
Rhein-Neckar Löwen Supporters' Club
06221 . 314 814
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