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Tinnitus therapy (ATP procedure)

The SEIYO ATP (Anti-Tinnitus Programme) procedure is a 12-week programme consisting of a daily hearing unit of 1½ hours using the twins machines and 30 minutes of noise or sound therapy. Stimulating the hearing centre in the brain in a balanced way requires not only stimulating the limbic system but also bringing it back into a relaxed state.

Hearing with the twins is the tension and stimulation phase, while the noise or sound therapy is the relaxation phase. This enables the brain to learn in the most effective way to concentrate on the hearing itself and to evaluate the tinnitus as unimportant and blank it out.

During the first six weeks of the therapy, the brain learns to remove the tinnitus from the perception centre and during the second half, i.e. the second six-week block, the brain learns to blank out the tinnitus. The auditory memory is deleted or restarted like a computer.

Once again in brief: Following a “neuronal reprogramming” of the phantom sound in the brain, the annoying beeping sound is subsequently classed as not a priority, in other words simply blanked out. The burden caused by the tinnitus is reduced or eliminated. The SEIYO system was developed by Soundperience, one of the leading innovating companies in the field of acoustics in Germany.

SEIYO (Japanese for relaxation) represents the fusing of the most modern audio technologies with the latest scientific findings from acoustics. Using this system, it is possible to carry out tinnitus therapy as well as the relaxing auto-detox programme for cases of stress, sleep disruptions or burn-outs from the comfort of your own home.

Patients are looked after by not just our trained staff, but also Ms Sandra Kappner (hearing therapist, master audiologist, tinnitus specialist). Ms Kappner has been working on the development of approaches to solving and treating cognitive processing problems such as tinnitus, hyperacusis, AVWS, auditory deprivation and sleep disruptions for over 15 years.

She is in demand across the national borders and a valued professional in the area of cognitive auditory processing.

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