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Foundations of bioresonance therapy

The BICOM bioresonance method is a pioneering special diagnostic and therapeutic procedure which is breaking new ground in medicine. The main foundations of the bioresonance method are confirmed by the latest findings in quantum and biophysics, but are not yet accepted by the schools of thought that are currently prevailing.

The basic principles of bioresonance consist of influencing the energetic processes in the body. During many years of international trials, it has been established that each person has their own vibration spectrum which can be used in a therapeutic manner. It is also known now that biochemical processes in the human body are controlled by electromagnetic vibrations. Even organs, whether healthy or sick, have a totally unique vibration spectrum from person to person and thus a certain level of energy potential.

Nowadays, humans are subject to many stresses: Contaminants which are absorbed through food, heavy metal loads in drinking water, radiation exposures and environmental toxins in general cause imbalances in the intact regulation system of the body. All these contaminants may cause an impact on an informative level through their special electromagnetic vibrations. 

If all the fine control processes in the human organism are influenced too heavily as a result of the disruptive vibrations caused by the contaminants, incorrect controls and malfunctions resulting in illness may occur. The aim of the therapy is precisely to weaken these disruptive vibrations through their own mirror image in order to reduce the burden on the sick organism and thus facilitate natural self-healing.

Bioresonance therapy has been successfully applied by naturopathy-oriented doctors and practitioners around the world for over 30 years. Numerous positive individual cases have been documented which illustrate the various indication areas, including allergies and intolerances, functional illnesses, psychosomatic ailments and rheumatic diseases (e.g. Morell 1987, Herrmann 1995).


The patient is connected to the bioresonance machine for the therapy via flat hand and foot electrodes. The patient’s own electromagnetic vibrations are transferred to the machine via these flat electrodes, like the recording of the ECG or EEG. Similarly, very specific skin areas or pain points can be targeted and successfully treated using special electrodes.

By means of a filter operating at the biological-physical level, the BICOM therapy machine is even able to distinguish which micromagnetic information spectrum is beneficial to the organism and boost its weakened energy potential using defined amplifications. The stress-inducing vibration information, such as deposited contaminants or foods that have not been metabolised, is reversed, in other words converted into its mirror image, and returned to the body in this form.

The BICOM machine thereby weakens, or at best fully removes, these vibrations in the body, by which the body is heavily stressed, using the corresponding counter-vibrations. In the process, the patient is treated using only the vibrations that are relevant to him or her at this point in time and his or her body’s own characteristic vibrations.

External energy or substances that are foreign to the body are not introduced at any time during the therapy.

A session lasts between 5 and 40 minutes and is usually repeated on a weekly basis.


Many patients already notice an improvement after the first treatment. It is quite possible that the body has to release some layers with the help of the therapy before a sensation of improvement can be felt. BICOM bioresonance therapy releases many of these harmful deposits in the tissue which should be removed as quickly as possible.

Under certain circumstances, the release of these toxins may lead to short-term initial reactions as are also seen frequently in homeopathic treatment. This is not an indication of mistreatment and not a cause for concern – it is merely a temporary stage during the detoxification.

It can be prevented by drinking plenty of water with the lowest possible mineral content on each day of therapy and on the subsequent days.

Bioresonance therapy has no side effects!
The presence of a pacemaker and serious psychological disturbances are counter-indications.

Practical therapeutic and diagnostic application

The naturopathy-oriented practitioners all over the world who work with the bioresonance method apply the method using knowledge based on the experience of the last 30 years.
Based on experience, the best therapeutic results are obtained in the following cases:

  • Food allergies and intolerances
  • Recurring infections and weak immunity
  • Chronic inner ear illnesses such as tinnitus, dizziness
  • Smoking cessation
  • Functional illnesses / psychosomatic illnesses
  • Digestive disorders
  • Sleep disorders
  • Acute and chronic pains and inflammations
  • Rheumatic diseases
  • Post-operative care

In accordance with the experience gained during treatment and the postulated operating principles, this method can be used to try and exert a positive influence over any illness.

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