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Magnetic field therapy

Pulsating magnetic field therapy is an improved further development of magnetic field therapy using static magnetic fields. As the name implies, it emits electromagnetic signals in the form of impulses.

The impulses may be varied in frequency and intensity to match the patient and the illness. Each human body contains approx. 60 trillion cells. Each individual cell forms a magnetic field. The cell voltage of a healthy cell has to be at least 50 mV and may be charged up to 90 mV.

On the contrary, unhealthy cells show a far lower voltage.

Magnetic fields with specific frequency and intensity may exert a bioenergetic influence on our bodies:

  • Transport of nutrients is facilitated
  • Oxygen supply in the cell is increased
  • Oxygen use is improved
  • Energy and cell metabolism is heightened
  • Blood circulation in the tissue is facilitated
  • Oxygen particle pressure in the dermal tissue is increased
  • Body’s internal defence and self-healing regulation is boosted
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