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Outpatient procedures

We carry out our procedures on an outpatient basis in the modern operating room at our practice. In Dr. Glätzer and Dr. Wagner and their colleagues, we have an experienced anaesthesiology team on hand.

The gentle anaesthetic and surgical techniques have only a minor impact on your body or your child’s body. This means that you can probably go home after a short period of time. 

Our anaesthesia team which has many years of clinical experience will look after your safety and well-being in the recovery room.

We are available to you by telephone for 24 hours after the procedure just in case! So you can recover in the comfort of your own home and still have access to the best medical care.

The range of services offered at our practice includes:

  • Adenotomy (removal of the pharyngeal tonsils)
  • Removal of smaller tumours from the oral cavity and pharynx
  • Skin tumour removal
  • Lymph node removal
  • Nasal concha reduction
  • Paracentesis (eardrum cut)
  • Eardrum drainage (eardrum tube)
  • Surgical sleep medicine (snoring operation)
  • Sleep video endoscopy
  • Tonsillotomy (reduction of palatal tonsils)
  • Eardrum closure

The use of radio frequency technology as a minimally-invasive procedure has been a specialisation of ours for years. This involves the use of a particularly tissue-conserving alternative to the standard operation and to the laser application.

The advantages are:

  • less post-operative pain
  • a faster healing process
  • protection of the mucous membranes due to smaller wound surfaces
  • no burning of the external mucous membrane as occurs in laser applications
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