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Hearing impairment and tinnitus therapy

Hearing impairment and tinnitus therapy For acute illnesses of the hearing organ, we offer circulation-promoting infusions, combined with cortisone as applicable, on an outpatient basis. The parallel application of oxygen therapy, acupuncture or magnetic field therapy can also be effective to support the process. If the acute therapy of the hearing impairment or tinnitus is unsuccessful, the intratympanic administration of a cortisone hyaluronic aid mixture is a favourable therapy option.

In cases of chronic hearing disorders, we provide the patient with a detailed explanation of the origin of the disorder and possible alternative therapy strategies such as intravenous oxygen therapy following Regelsberger, acupuncture, bioresonance therapy and/or magnetic field therapy. In chronic cases of tinnitus (i.e. those lasting longer than 6 months), we offer the HTP procedure – a completely new form of tinnitus therapy.

Special micronutrients may additionally be taken as an adjuvent treatment in cases of stress-related inner ear illnesses such as hearing impairment, tinnitus or hearing loss. There is additionally close collaboration with neurologists, doctors working with psychosomatic disorders, psychotherapists and hearing aid acousticians.

Intravenous oxygen therapy involves supplying the blood with pure medical oxygen via an intravenous infusion for therapeutic purposes.

It can be used to treat a range of illnesses successfully. Dr. Regelsberger introduced it to medicine and developed it into a unique, highly-effective and harmless therapy over decades of practice and research. More and more doctors are applying this method for their patients’ benefit. The tiny oxygen bubbles supplied to the blood result in the formation of blood vessel-dilating and antiinflammatory substances and the flushing of excessive fluid in the tissues (oedema).

The clotting capacity of the blood platelets is inhibited, which counteracts deep vein thrombosis. In general, circulation throughout the entire body is improved. The oxygen supply additionally results in the multiplication of certain white blood cells, whose main function is to act as the body’s internal defence system.

The immunity level of the body is significantly improved. Another very important effect of intravenous oxygen therapy is the stimulation of the increased formation of the body’s internal radical interceptors. “Free radicals” are a significant factor in our aging process and in the occurrence of numerous severe illnesses – from cardiovascular diseases and signs of wear in the joints and spine to cancer. The intravenous oxygen treatment is therefore also ideally suited to the prevention of illness and is a very effective natural biological anti-aging tool.

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